2014 Spring Boot Camp

Fremont location

  • Kids enjoyed it thoroughly . The tutors helped the kids understand the mistakes and how to solve/answer correctly. As a next step , it would be good to have 1:1 on some of the topics that kids need more help on.
  • It would be better if you give the answer sheets. Apart from this , the progress is really good.
  • Great job! It's really awe­inspiring to see the way you guide the group and organize the program. Keep up the good work!! ­K. Devitha
  • Amazing program! Very well structured and conducted in a very protective environment. Great program in an affordable cost to get kids practice on the upcoming star test during the spring break. You guys can think about including science for the 5th grade/7th grade . Keep rising and growing. ­MSJE parent
  • Really good material ! The tutors were really helpful in explaining the mistakes we made . Thank you so much!! ­Student
  • This spring camp has really helped my 3rd grade daughter. She learned a new concept in multiplication that will forever help her out in the future. Her weakness is in math and she now has a different perspective of it. Thanks to the great tutor! Your program is “awesome” That comes straight from my daughter's mouth.
  • Very well run boot camp by a bunch of high schoolers , are they really. Appreciate their commitment to a good cause of promoting education. Comes with a bunch of energetic, parent volunteers highly thanked. ­Balaji Sampath
  • We really liked the program during the spring break. Thank you very much for conducting such a wonderful practice tests. ­Vijaya
  • Nice focused effort. My child benefited from all the compilation of various kinds of problems, and instant feedback. One observation is that it needs to be more aligned with common core.
  • Very well organized and coordinated. Aastha really enjoyed the class and we have seen her participation improve her math skills. Gaurlam
  • It was great that you have prepared a lot of material for them. There is only one thing that if you can provide the answer sheet for parents through email so we can continue to work on them.Thank you.
  • This is a great activity for children to practice for common core or STAR tests. It helps students practice their skills in a math and language. All of the tutors are helpful and make the students understand what they don't get. They always say it' s okay to get stuff wrong, and thats why we are here.­Student
  • It was good. Kid likes it very much. We are also happy she learned from it. This is first time for us. We will be happy to come next time.
  • Very prompt response (email), Improvement , we need answer sheet.
  • My kids in 3rd and 5th grade enjoyed the camp. My daughter had attended it last year and it had helped her star test. They liked the part where the highschool kids help them correct their mistakes.
  • Thank you for doing , its a great way for my son to get some work done during spring break. 2 hours will be great , and we are willing to pay more. Thank you volunteers. Hope to see you next year. ­Malini Sanjay Muralitharan
  • Overall, good prep program to keep elementary kids busy for Fremont's district spring break. Also helps highschool students gain tutoring skills. This is my daughters 2nd year attending. Certainly helped last year for her to score 600's on star test. Hoping for similar result this year w/ harder common core testing. Staff and tutors , job well done.
  • Good job on 1:1 and common core prep. My son loves to come here. Wish it could have been here for a little longer.



  • The camp was very good. My daughter enjoyed it a lot. She looked forward to attend it everyday. Very accomadative regarding the timings. Volunteers corrected every booklet my daughter's finished and explained to her if she had any mistakes
  • I really liked the classs. The worksheets taught me how the real common core test will be. Also the volunteers were very helpful and taught me concepts that I didn't know. I hope I can come to this class again
  • The shooting stars prep camp was a great learning experience for Ria. The math and language arts study materials were detailed and focused on common core standards. The student helpers were dedicated and helped Ria when she needed assistance. Usha was very friendly and provided make­up classes as additional support.
  • The shooting stars prep camp helped me catch up on my studies. It will greatly help me in the future when it comes to testing. I appreciate the student volunteers who helped me.
  • It is an excellent class, which really helped Nitish in his test taking skills thank you very much and will look toward for more classes like this in evergreen.
  • This is a fun place. It also helps with common core. I think you should do this next year also.