2015 Spring Boot Camp

Spring camp 2015 Feedback:

  • Congratulations to the Acton team for an extraordinary job organizing the academic boot camp! Volunteer student tutors were perfect mentors to “MCAS – nervous” minds! We are proud to support the foundation and its great mission!
  • I loved this experience. I learned many new things and the tutors were very nice. At first, attending a math camp during spring break did not seem like a lot of fun to me. Boy was I wrong! I can’t wait t come back next year!!!
  • The camp is good and encouraging, I would recommend to all parents. My daughter really liked her all the tutors.
  • Over the course of the MCAS prep camp, I had a great experience. One of the many strategies I learned was to check my work. I made silly mistakes which could have easily been corrected if I had checked my work. One thing I ask for to improve in this camp is for clearer problems. Often, there were problems which had an unclear question or many possible answers. Also, the tutors were really great. They all helped me if I had a doubt. Overall, my experience t this camp was truly amazing.
  • This program not only helped my kids with learning math and English, it also helped spend time constructively! Loved the program for both its value to my kids and the foundation funding for education for college students worldwide. Kudos to all the tutors who patiently helped with all their questions and gave their valuable feedback! Definitely will be back next year!
  • This program helped my kids learning extra math and English. It also increased interest especially in Math.
  • I found this camp conducted by the Shooting Star Foundation to be very interesting and I was very glad that it worked out very well for my Sixth grade child. All the student volunteers who volunteered at the camp were very good and they were exceptional in providing help with cleaning any doubts that my child had. Both Math and the language arts question paper worksheets had a good mix of questions that the kids could answer at their own pace and I am really very happy to have enrolled my child in this camp. I would definitely recommend this camp to other parents.
  • This program is excellent. Kids enjoyed and learned well. Good job!
  • Thank you so much for arranging this for kids. I feel this is very helpful for them to understand the Common Core syllabus. It’s a great learning experience. Thank you!
  • Excellent program. My daughter liked how concepts were explained to her and how she got them right. A big morale booster. Thanks.
  • Thank you for organizing this program. Very useful for the kids to spend their Spring break. This practice test help them to do well in their school test. We are really interested to continue the same in next year Spring break.
  • Shooting Stars Foundation is a great academic boot camp and an excellent way to prepare the students for the academic tests. The timing of the boot camp is good for students taking the SBAC test during spring. The camp is structured on the Common Core standards giving the students confidence to take on the Common Core which is mandatory now.