2016 Spring Boot Camp

Spring camp 2016 FEEDBACK:

“Kareena did a very good job. She was very calm and understanding and patiently explained everything. She provided lots of nice tips. Thanks!”  
-Pawini Tiwari- Grade 3
 “Speech class is really good. Within a week, kids are able to speak on a topic with details. With Common Core, I prefer instead of just a packet, telling concepts would help them a lot.”
-Sree Nidhi Linga 
 “Shooting Stars will definitely help me during Common Core testing. Now since I have experience. I’m sure I’ll get a better score than last year. Shooting Stars made me more comfortable with the various concepts, and made me prepared for any other tests in the future. This will definitely help my grade and will help me in the future. All and all, shooting stars is a great organization, that will help many kids.”
 - Nisha
“I was happy with the progress I saw with Vennila today. I infact was very concerned with eye contact. My daughter was very shy. I didn’t make an attempt to record her speech but she surprised me today. Kudos to Sanjana & Team!” 
-Vennila- Grade 7
“Arjun has an awesome time at camp. He liked interacting with his teacher. Very positive experience overall. He’ll be happy to come back next year or even if you have a summer camp! Great job Vibha. Thankful for all your help! [Speech Class] Absolutely fantastic job Sanjana! Arjun, Isaac, & Sophia enjoyed your class. It gave them so much confidence. We loved the format of the class too--very interesting! Keeps the kids motivated!! Thank you! We’ll be back next year!” 
-Arjun Venuri- Grade 2
 “My daughter Aluya got a good tutor. She graded her work, wrote comments on the handout, and gave me valuable feedback.” 
- Aliya- Grade 4
“We find the class well-organized with friendly atmosphere. Soorya certainly has been introduced to new concepts and he seems to be enjoying it. He is getting interested in the topic and practicing at home.” 
-Soorya Ramaraju- Grade 2
 “The children enjoyed having Mansa as one of their tutors, as well as the other tutor whose name was not told to me. They said the tutors were very nice. The feedback given on the areas the kids need to work on was very specific and helpful. As a parent I’m pleased with the preparation for the testing they will take. Regarding the speech class, I enjoyed watching the final Speech Presentations. I like the structure the teacher gave to kids regarding organization and areas to include in a speech. Overall, a very worthwhile experience!” 
“This is a wonderful program and Alyssa had fun each day while learning. She loved her teachers. Thank you.” 
“It was good and I learned about more than I knew before like fractions and more and I remember what I forget. I really enjoy this fun activity doing english and math and more. I find this a good activity to do instead of being bored and have nothing to do.” 
-Siddhartha Shibi
“Both my kids enjoyed the Spring Camp. It is helpful to improve their vocab. My both the boys are very comfortable with the tutors. Good job Team!” 
“We like the camp very much. He enjoyed the class. He learned the basic concepts of Common Core. The tutor Akash gave us a positive feedback and areas my son needs to work on. Kudos for Shooting Stars!!” 
“Nia is enjoying this short term camp. She received input from her tutor which will be certainly useful to prepare for common core. I like the concept that from her seniors she is learning and getting inputs.” 
-Nia Kuchekar- Grade 3
“Hi, my daughter has been to Shooting Stars for the last three years and the result has been amazing. For example, she scored 100% on her 5th grade test last year. She will continue to come here. Thanks.” 
“Shooting Stars has been great this week for my 2nd grader. She struggles at school and this boost during Spring Break will help her! She also loves her tutor! Thanks!” 
“The Shooting Stars offers good curriculum and we look forward to join in Summer. Just one request, please keep the location close to MSJE School.”  
“Good work!!! My son enjoyed. Thank you!” 
- Akhil- Grade 3
“My son really enjoyed the Spring Camp especially the speech class. He will definitely join  next section.” 
“1-on-1 helped a lot to my child to go over the math concepts and language practice. Arvind, Sindhu’s tutor, everyday met me and explained the strong areas and things needed to improve for my child. After this camp, I feel we got a clear idea where to focus next to finish strong this year. Thank you Shooting Stars!” 
“Very impressed and thoughtful work for kids by kids! Keep up the good work!” 
“Dear Shooting Stars, Thank you for organizing this ‘Excellent’ program. Our kids learned lot of new things in fun filled environment. The Tutors are ‘Awesome’.  
-Sibi & Sirpi
“Good place to learn. My son enjoyed and learned. I would recommend for others.” 
“Great place, great tutors. My daughter really enjoyed this camp. I would like to continue next year also. I would recommend my friends. Thank you so much.” 
“The Teachers really focus on each student and recognize their strong and weak areas. This helped the student work on the right areas. Thanks a lot Mohit.”  
0Rizvi- Grade 4
“This camp was very helpful for the kids.” 
“The Shooting Stars classes were really helpful for my son. I will enroll my son again next year. Thank you.” 
“The tutors were good & encouraging. Packets has a lot of typos. The speech tutor was very good.” 
“The camp was definitely see a difference. I learned a lot about the different speech types.” 
“I like that I am learning new things. I want to come back next year.” 
-Gitasri Dintakurthi- Grade 2
“This is my daughter’s second year for common core and she is enjoying it.” 
“The Shooting Stars Foundation is a great class, well worth the time and money. My older daughter would come to this class every year and it was very beneficial in all her exams and the STAR testing. Sragvi enjoys this class very much and finds it great. I would like to thank all the students and volunteers helping in this! I will definitely come again next year!
-Sragvi Patel- Grade 3