2017 Spring Boot Camp


Spring camp 2017 FEEDBACK:

Career Exploration

  • This program is a good introduction to careers. Will surely help in exploring many new areas which they would never have considered.- Inspiring speakers from unique specializations every day , a lot of interesting topics were covered.
  • Special thanks to the coach for her meticulousness in providing daily individualized custom feedback regarding the progress and participation of the kids)
  • ·He was initially reluctant to attend the class. After the first day the complaint stopped and yesterday he was concerned that he had to miss the class due to a prior commitment. The talks by professionals is a very key point. He was wondering if he patent attorney may be a good choice for him because loves science, innovation and business!!


  • My child had lots of fun at the cooking camp. She talked about it a lot at home.
  • Will send them again for other sessions hosted by Shooting Star organizations. The classes were on time & professional with personal touch. My son felt comfortable. Enjoyed & inspired thoroughly .
  • It was fun and exciting to learn so many cultural cuisines !


  • Nice to see that he got awareness of good leadership skills
  • The coaches are more interactive and also talk to the parents and tell them about their kids accomplishments and the things they need to work on to make them better.
  • My kid is ready to take lead on many things after coming from the class saying that she needs to take leadership and finish the task all by herself which is great to see as a mom.


  SBAC  Common Core (Math and English)

  • They did a wonderful job in keeping the child engaged in the activity at hand. They all went the extra-mile by providing feedback to parents via email everyday, I have not seen this kind of feedback system in any camps, kudos to the team for this.  Motivation and energy to share/mentor was unbelievable - 5 stars
  • He liked it so much he couldn't believe that week was ended already. !!!
  • You guys are awesome. Great motivation with social cause. I think you should be having more marketing/social media coverage since I feel you deserve it. Thank you for all your sharing and excellence in putting the things in work.
  • Classes provided by Shooting Stars are very valuable to overall projects of our child and helps kids to prepare for the SBAC Exams.

Public Speaking and 10 Week Speech Class

  • The tutors/coaches are reason for the real success of this program. Energetic/Enthusiastic
  • 5 stars - I m impressed. He enjoyed the classes a lot . He loves these speech classes and congrats to you
  • Your emails are very informative and thanks for updating parents on a weekly basis.
  • Excellent work, really encouraging, smiley and confident, and great presentation skills, great work in getting my daughter really confident in public speaking. Keep it up.


SCRATCH Programming

  • The tutors/coaches are reason for the real success of this program. Energetic/Enthusiastic
  • I could see an enthusiasm in both Kids the moment they hear about Shooting Star. They truly enjoy the classes and their teachers. Scratch (Both Kids) - Both enjoyed the program. They were against computer programming in the past. But after day 1, I could see them happy regarding the Scratch program. They gave a demo to us on the games they wrote