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Bollywood Dance Program Description

Who can’t help loving Bollywood music. We certainly do!

Provide your child the opportunity to blossom into a great dancer and a powerful performer. The ultimate goal of this class is not only to teach Bollywood, but also to help build confidence along with performance skills, and not to mention, an amazing dance is a great way to get the party started.

We as dancers know that no individual dances in the exact way as another. We don’t want to take your child’s individuality, rather let them embrace it. Using some of the most popular songs in the film industry, we have created a routine that has a certain level of complexity while also exploring different types of moves. Though Bollywood is traditionally Hindi music, we also incorporate Tamil, Telugu, and even English. It’s always interesting to see your favorite English songs with a little Indian twist to it!

What to expect:

  • One hour sessions

  • Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and English Songs

  • Learn a 4 minute dance routine

  • Learn basic performance skills

  • Learn how to express emotions while dancing

  • Showcase on the last class for parents