Debate Program Description


Have you or your child always ever wanted to argue a point out until you won, or even just wanted to win an argument? Well, if you have, then debate is the class for you. In this course, we will guide children through the specifics of debate and prepare them for high school debate. We will review all the different types of debate in order to give them the choice of which one they are best suited for. In addition, we will help children become accustomed to public speaking and help them gain confidence. As parents, you will receive weekly updates after the class regarding what your child learned in class that day and what the homework is. Debate is one of best experiences for children and can help children become versed in world knowledge from a young age. This class will give them a chance to learn about the world and form their own opinions about it. Our debate class will be a unique and eye-opening program that will help kids explore their interests in debate, build confidence, and, most importantly, have fun!


What to expect:

  • Learn about all the different types of debate

  • Familiarize with how to prepare for debates

  • Overcome any stagefright

  • Build strong arguments

  • Be able to debate about any topic on your own