Frequently Asked Questions

Summer Academic Boot Camp

1. What is Common Core ?

This is a set of new standards adhered by all school districts in about 43 states in the U.S to make kids college ready. Every year kids are tested around Spring time in their schools.


2. What is the Common Core Boot Camp ?

This Boot Camp is planned for 2nd through 6th graders to boost their Math and Language Arts skills.


3. What will the students do at the camp ?

High school tutors will teach critical common core concepts via – Video / Audio etc – Both Language Arts and Math. Kids will also do worksheets and test their skills.


4. Will the students work with computers at the camp ?

No. The common core boot camp is paper based.


5. Do you have a sample of the study plan for 1 day ?

Yes.Please check the home page


6. Will there be homework ?

There will be some light reading assignments before the camp and during the camp also


Public Speaking

1. Do all grades have the same class ?

2nd and 3rd grades will do Pre-Public Speaking
4th/5th/6th grades will do Beginning Public Speaking .


2. What concepts will be taught in Pre-Public Speaking ?

Since the kids will only range in ages between 7-8, most coaching will be on developing confidence to speak in a group setting. Students will learn – to speak loudly and clearly, overcome nervousness, organize ideas, follow structure to create a speech and deliver !


3. What concepts will be taught in Beginning Public Speaking ?

Impromptu and Persuasive Speech formats will be taught. In addition, students will learn to – present with confidence, organize and deliver speech effectively, use different modes of persuasion (logos, pathos, ethos)


4. Will there be homework ?

There will be some light assignments to finish up and practice speeches


5. What will happen on the last day ?

There will be a grade-wise presentation of the speeches that the kids prepared through the week to parents – in a group setting !


1:1 Tutoring

1. What is the 1:1 tutoring program ?

Due to a lot of parents' requests we will be offering a limited 1:1 tutoring program. The same material used for the group camp will be used to teach common core concepts 1:1


2. Will there be feedback to the parents ?

Yes. The High School tutor will give a detailed feedback to the parent on the last day of camp.


Online / Skype

1. What options are available for Online / Skype Students Common Core Boot Camp – 1:1 is the only option available for 1:1


2. What are the requirements for Skype ?

The kid should have access to computer / internet / skype account

A parent / adult should be available nearby at all times

Most tutoring will be online – occasionally there may be a necessity to print and then scan and send completed worksheets !


3. Are the timings flexible ?

Depending on the availability of the tutor and the kid, the timings can be adjusted.


Sign Up / Billing / Cancellations

1. How do I pay for the camp ?

When you register your child here how you can help, which is the ‘Register For Camp’ Tab, you will be redirected to the PayPal page to make your payment.


2. I do not have a Paypal account. Is there any other mode of payment ?

Yes – You can pay via credit card in the pay pal link – without creating an account


3. How will I know if my child is registered?

You will receive a confirmation email within the week


4. Why does it take time to receive a response ?

You will receive a response within the next day. As we are high school students, we cannot respond during the school day.

5. Can I cancel my child’s registration for any reason?

Sorry, we will not be able to refund you after you pay. But don’t worry – Your money is going to a great cause. You can also pick up the camp materials during / after the camp.

6. What if my child cannot attend all 5 days of camp ?

They can pick up the materials for the rest of the days. Unfortunately, we cannot pro-rate the camp fees. Instead you could choose to do 1:1 online / skype


At the Camp

1. How will the students be grouped ?

They will be grouped by their grades.


2. Are students required to bring anything ?

Yes, please bring pencils, erasers, rulers and water bottle.


3. What can we expect on the first day of camp?

You will sign in and sign out at the start and end of the class. There is ABSOLUTELY no day care available. So please pick up your child on time.


4. Will there be adult supervision at the camp ?


5. What if the child gets hurt or sick ?

We do carry emergency information and will call parent and/or 911 depending on the situation.



1. Are High School students trained to tutor ?

Yes. They undergo a training session before the camp.

2. Does the High School Tutor have to commit to all 5 days ?

Yes. Please confirm commitment before signing up to tutor.


3. Should High School Tutor’s parents sign in / sign out ?


4. Will High School Tutors get service hours?


5. Should High School Tutors be qualified ?

Yes.  They should have at least a B gradein Math and Language Arts in their previous semester.



1. How much is the Combo Discount (Any 2 programs)?

It is $10 off

2. How much is the Early Bird discount?

It is $5 off (Already included in Price)
Prices go up after Early Bird Date 

3. How much is the Sibling/Referral discount?

It is $5 off.

4. Who gets the Referral discount? Who gets the Sibling Discount

The person who refers a new student to register for the program. The new student has to acknowledge that he was referred by that person – when registering

Only 1 of the sibling gets the discount

5. When will the discount be given?

All discounts (except early bird) will be given on first day of camp via pay pal

Early bird discount will automatically apply when you register