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Experiments with Science Program Description

Unlock your child’s ability and inquisitive mind through our new “Fun With Science” course. This program is available for all 2nd-6th grade students interested in various fields of science. Throughout the course, students will learn about seven branches within science as well receive hands on experience through experiments. Students will be able to individually perform their own experiments along with creating their own experiments in each day’s corresponding field.  This course will provide information in easily understandable terms, interactive sessions, hands on experience, and creative thinking, all executed in an entertaining way to make sure the children are having fun. By the end of the program, students will be aware of what science is as well as how vast it can be. We hope that many will discover interesting fields they weren’t aware of previously, and maybe even take that interest to the next level.


What to expect:


  • Learn about 7 fields of science: neuroscience, chemistry, ecology, meteorology, geology, physics, and even food science

  • Work with other classmates for an interactive session

  • Receive hands on experience through individually performed experiments

  • All experiments are very safe for children in 2nd-6th grade

  • Learn in ways easily communicated terms to ensure understanding

  • Students will create their own formal experiments for each topic everyday

  • Some student created experiments may be performed

  • No previous scientific knowledge is necessary

  • Expect 8 classes jam packed with lots of fun!!