Our Impact - Creating Ripples

Shooting Stars mobilizes school students across U.S to enable college education around the globe !


Passionate high school students who are inclined to make a difference in the community and contribute by sharing their knowledge to younger kids and along the way making an impact on the kids participating in the camp and to the globally on the sponsored kids lifestyle. We conduct several enrichment camps and donate the proceeds to local school districts and fund education for college students internationally!

Join our movement – We can change the future of the world – one student at a time!

Leading the way to an improved education

GIving back LOCALLY

Sometimes we forget the huge amount of educational and economic priveleges we are entitled to - locally. As a means of giving back to local education , a percentage of the funds from Shooting Star Operations are donated to a few school districts where our enrichment camps are run.


Your contributions make a difference by benefiting an aspiring student and providing the pathway to a future they dream to be part of. By working with local organizations and universities, we have created college scholarship programs for students in Mexico, Kenya, India, China and Afghanistan.

Our Scholars

Past Scholars