Leadership Program Description


Send your child to our Shooting Stars Leadership class and create a clear path for your child to become a great leader. Through this course, 2nd to 5th graders can learn that a leader doesn’t have to lead a huge group of people; if they impact one person in a positive way, they are a leader too. They will learn these skills through fun games, group activities, and a community project. They will get to meet and interact with  young leaders in our community and will impact our society through a small service project.


What To Expect:

  • Leaders are not born, they are MADE

  • Learn about what leadership is and the qualities of a good leader

  • Learn about the importance of listening, cooperation and teamwork, and integrity

  • Talk about the responsibilities of being a leader

  • Learn about the difference between a leader and a boss

  • Distinguish between leaders in politics or large companies and those in your home or at school

  • Over the course of the camp you will understand leaders are EVERYWHERE! You don’t have to be an adult or lead a large group of people to still be a leader