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Math Olympiad Program Description


Math Olympiad is a competition for elementary and middle schoolers that focuses on math problem solving skills. Rather than testing arithmetic and computational skills, the tests revolve around critical thinking and logical problem solving.
More details about Math Olympiad can be found at:

This program will teach students strategies and methods to solve problems on the test. It does not form a Math Olympiad team, but it prepares students for their school team. Every class, students will take one test, review the answers, learn new concepts/methods, and go over homework. We will follow the same format as the official Math Olympiad tests (5 problems in 25 minutes). Students should expect to receive around 30 minutes of homework every week. After every class, we will update parents on their student’s progress through email. Middle school students who are new to Math Olympiad can definitely benefit from this program, but our main focus is on the elementary division (4th-6th graders).

What to expect

  • 2 separate sessions with 8 classes each

    • 1st session: October 1 2017 - November 19 2017

    • 2nd session: January 14 2018 - March 4 2018

  • Weekly Sunday classes for 1.5 hours (8 weeks, total 12 hours)

  • Experienced high school students will be teaching the class

  • Real timed test taking experience

  • Immediate, individual feedback to the students

  • There will be many interactive activities

  • Daily summary email for parents

  • We will use the official Math Olympiad practice material/book and format