Multi Cuisine Cooking Program Description

Unleash your child's kitchen creativity with this special cooking camp designed just for 5th-8th graders. For five days your child will learn all about the wonders of the culinary world by learning about the basic techniques behind so many of our favorite foods. Working alongside other young chefs and our cooking instructors, junior cooks will learn kitchen basics like knife skills, cooking terminologies, tips and techniques behind a variety of cooking methods. Junior cooks will learn how to cook the recipes with ingredients found in their home pantry. Each day our young chefs will learn about a particular cuisine. They will learn a few Mexican, American, Italian, Chinese and Thai recipes that are a big hit with children. 

What To Expect:

  • Classes are 2 hours long
  • Learn fundamental skills of cooking in a fun, hands-on environment
  • Each student enjoys a taste of every dish and they also get to take home the dish, if there are any left overs
  • Work side-by-side with other students to prepare each dish
  • Interact with children of the same age group and the instructor for a rich learning experience
  • Parents will be invited to the Friday class to sample a few dishes