Maria Elva

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Maria Elva - Peru

Partner Org - Sacred Valley Project

Maria Elva is a young girl who comes from a poor family Peru. She helps her family of six produce potatoes, beans, peas, onions, carrots and other vegetables on a daily basis. Her family was unable to fund her education, but with the help of the Shooting Stars Foundation, Maria is able to conform to the society in Peru and pursue an education that wasn't available to her before. She yearns to support her family and community in the near future.

Jesus Gomez

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Jesus Gomez - Nursing - Reynosa Technical Institute - Mexico

Jesus Gómez is studying to become a nurse, and he is in his first year.His parents are divorced, and he receives no support from his father. Jesus works to provide his own clothes and living expenses. He recently volunteered with the mission team at the eye clinic in Rio Bravo and did a very good job. He goes by the nickname Junior.

Annitah Zablon

Public Relations- Mt Kenya University - Kenya

Partner Org : Tenderfeet Education

Annitah Zablon,  is a young ambitious lady who is passionate about the Public Relations Sector in Kenya and the world at large. Having grown up in one of the largest slums of the world - Kibera - she wrote to Shooting Stars in hopes of  getting a scholarship to be able to attend  Mt. Kenya University. She aims to target market and media sources to change mindsets in her community, ensuring each individual gets a chance to communicate their ideas and gain necessary support for their projects.


RamJagan Ganesh


Mechanical Engineering- Gayathri Vidya College of Engineering - India

Partner Org : Spandana Foundation

Ram Jagan Ganesh attends an Engineering college in India. Coming from a village in India called Vizag, Andhrapradesh, his family had to work incredibly hard to support him and his little brother. Before Shooting Star’s scholarship, Ram would not have been able to continue attending college as he lacked sufficient funds. A hard-working student, Ram travels for 4 hours each day between his home and college and is determined to make his dream come true. He dreams of one day being able  to help those in poverty in his town  and provide them the resources that he obtained so they can also succeed.


Pre Medicine - Farabi Institute - Afghanistan

Partner Org : Trust in Education

When first in contact with Shooting Stars, Roya was a struggling 12th grader who was seeking support for her education. Though receiving monetary assistance from other NGOs, Roya still struggled as much of her allotted funds were used towards her difficulties in health. Nevertheless, with the help of Shooting Stars, she has been accepted into college. She is on track to graduate with a degree in pre-med and become a heart surgeon. Eventually, she hopes to support her family and those in her community.


Nancy Nduku Muli

Pharmaceutical Studies- Kenya Medical Training College - Kenya

Partner Org : Kenya Keys

Nancy, currently a student at Kenya Medical Training College studying for a degree in Pharmaceutical Studies, she comes from a poor family of 4 children. Her younger brother has a clinical illness, forcing her parents to take monthly loans to afford his treatment. The strain on finances have caused delays in payment for school fees and hampered the track for graduation. With the granted scholarship, Nancy is now set to graduate from college on time with all credentials necessary to enter the pharmaceutical field.


Maria Villanueva Gomez

Accounting Reynosa Technical Institute

Maria Villanueva Gomez

Reynosa Technical Institute

Maria Villanueva Gomez finished elementary school when she was 12. At that time, she quit school and started cleaning houses to help support her family. Her parents divorced, and she then moved to Rio Bravo to live with her sister. A few years ago, Maria started working for Georgina, a successful woman working at Corning Systems in Reynosa as an accountant. Georgina motivated Maria to start her junior high education on a government Adult Education Program. She graduated in 2011. In 2012, she started high school in the same program and finished. Now, she has started college and after the first year, she is at the top of her class. She has done all of this while cleaning houses to support herself. Maria’s dream after college is to continue to get her Master's degree and to work at one of the assembly plants in Reynosa.


Medical Doctor- Dharmapuri Medical College - India

Partner Org : Mugavari Foundation

Mamtha S. a student at Dharmapuri Medical College,  comes from a very poor family where her mother is the sole income of the family. Her father passed when she was very young. Together, her family lives in a mud hut with a daily income of mess than 2$ a day ! Nevertheless, Mamtha is an amazing student who graduated at the top of her class. With the help of Shooting Stars, she is set to graduate and pursue her dream of research for HIV cure


Wang Xi - China

Accounting Computerization- Shanxi Institute of Energy - China

Partner Org : Olive Children Foundation

Wang Xi is from a poverty stricken area in China called Xinzhou, Shanxi Province. Her family is poor, which forced her to work overtime, and simultaneously take care of her younger brother. Wang’s mom has a disease as well; that causes her to fall unconscious at abrupt moments. Throughout all this, Wang studied for the National exam in China that determines college acceptance, and she got in. With the help of Shooting Stars, she now has enough financial backing to complete a degree in accounting and further support her family.