Anumolu Jagadeeswar

Anumolu Jagadeeswar

Engineering Student - SRK Institute of Technology, Enikepadu, Vijayawada

Partner Org: Spandana -

Anumolu comes from Andhra Pradesh, India. Both his parents work in a shop, making only 8,000 rupees per month. Though they are poor, they work very hard to provide Anumolu with an education. He is currently doing her first year in in Electronics and communication Engineering in SRK institute of  technology: Enikepadu, Vijayawada.

Kootha Roopasri

Kootha Roopasri

Electronics and Communication Engineering - Sastra Deemed University, Maharastra, India

Partner Org - Spandana -

Kootha Roopasri’s family consists of her father, mother, and her grandfather. Kootha Roopasri’s father is blind and her grandfather is a farmer. Her mother takes care of households. Her grandfather’s income is the only source of income for the entire family. His income was not sufficient enough for daily needs. With that financial background, it was a very big challenge for her to complete the intermediate school education.

Kootha Roopasri was brought up in Rampur village, Rajura taluka, Chandrapur district, Maharashtra. She has completed her intermediate 2nd year with lot of financial struggles and secured 98.2 %  with top grade. Now, Kootha Roopa is studying her first year Electronics and communication engineering at Sastra Deemed University, one of the top universities in Tamilnadu.

Kootha Roopasri was ambitious to pursue her higher education and was very much interested in engineering. She got admission in SASTRA Deemed University at kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu in spite of heavy competition. She faced lot of hardships to finish the intermediate education and to join college.

Kootha Roopasri is interested in electronics field and is excited that she has got the admission in the  field she dreamt of. She is studious in pursuing the course and to get placed in any of the top companies through college campus placement. She is a responsible individual who wants to help and support her family financially. When asked about her goal, she says she wants to join either bank or Indian railways and to become an officer over few years.

Kootha Roopasri wakes early in the morning, works hard during the day, and studies into the night. Her hard work and nobility to lift up her family by satisfying financial needs are her strong points.



Agriculture and Irrigation Engineering - Anna University, Tamil Nadu, India

Partner Org - SEEEDS -

Maheshwari is from Poolaangulam village near Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu. She lives with her parents and siblings: 3 brothers and 2 sisters. Her dad used to sell milk and take care of the family. But he got sick when Maheshwari was in 10th grade and is unable to work. Her mom is the breadwinner of the family and is making a living by rolling small cigars called Beedi. Maheshwari’s older brother is working in a clothing store to help support the family.

 Maheshwari studied at public school and scored 1142/1200. She was also a cadet in National Cadet Corps. It greatly helped her to face adversity and challenges with ease. Since her medium of study was Tamil, Maheshwari needed help during 1st year of college where medium of study is English. Her mentor Dr. Ramakrishnan, helped and guided her to make the transition smoother.

Maheshwari aspires to become an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) personnel, helping and working for civilians. After completing her studies, Maheshwari is planning to help her family financially and also help other students who are financially struggling like her. Maheshwari is a persevering, confident youth who puts her best effort to achieve her dreams and determined to help people.



BE-ECE - College of Technology Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Partner Org : SEEEDS -

Saranya is from the town Kanchipuram near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. She is living in her uncle’s house with her uncle, mother, younger brother, and grandparents. Her Dad left the house when she was young and her Mom currently works and brings up the kids alone.  Her mother works as a security guard during nights at a Nissan building, and her brother is studying twelfth grade. Saranya’s Mother works hard to meet the family’s needs and Saranya missed her mother a lot when she was young.

Saranya studied at a government school from first to twelfth grade, and poured herself into her education. With her mother’s support and motivation, Saranya always ranked first in her classes. She scored 1179 out of 1200 for her final exam, only missing points in the Language portion. She got admission into college through Government Quota (scholarship from the government for those students who secure high marks and are in poverty.)

Saranya’s first year of college was funded by her high school teachers, who wanted her to continue her education. Her government school’s taught in Tamil, so she had a bit of a challenge to adjust to English once in college. However, she believes in her ability to learn, and is already keeping up with the change of language. Saranya, a hard-working student, wakes up at 5:30 AM to keep up with the demands of her education.

During vacation times, she helps her mother in cooking and other household chores. During leisure time, she goes to library and reads a lot of Tamil books and listens to music. She enjoys books written by Mr. Iraianbu IAS. Saranya is inspired by this IAS Officer as he motivated her to study well and he is a role model for her.

Saranya is very dedicated and determined to study. When we asked her about what she would have done had she not got any funds/help for college fees, she replied without thinking that she will apply for education loan and continue her studies.

After college, Saranya’s dream is to become an IAS(Indian Administrative Services) Officer, a government role in India, and serve the nation.  And she works hard toward that goal every day.



Nursing - Nehru Nursing College, Tamilnadu, India

Partner Org - Tamilnadu Foundation -

Atchaya lives in the town sivasubramaniapuram in the Tirunelveli district in Tamil Nadu. In 2010, she lost her father, Mr. Nagarajan, who suffered health issues and went through dialysis for eight years. Since then, her mother has been the breadwinner as a mid-day coordinator in a government (public) school and earns 7,500 Rs a month. This minimal salary makes it next to impossible for Atchaya to get educated.

Atchaya was fortunate enough to be able to finish up to 12th grade and earned a score of 881/1200 on her final exams. With these marks, she was able to get into Nehru Nursing College. However, due to her mother’s low salary, her mom originally was not able to support her education.

Now, with the assistance of the Shooting Stars Foundation, Atchaya is able to afford her education at Nehru Nursing College and is on the way to become a nurse. She desires, after completing school, to provide relief for her mother and other future patients in her community.

Atchaya is a very dedicated and hardworking individual. When asked for her strengths, she stated that she is confident in her potential to be successful. Her commitment to her goals is admirable.

Mallika Perumal

Compressed Mallika Mohanapriya poster.jpg

Mallika Perumal

Medical Student - Thiruvarur Medical College, Tamil Nadu, India

Partner Org -

Mallika is from Vaazhapadi town in Salem district in Tamil Nadu. Her parents, grandparents and siblings (7 people total) live in a small two room thatched home. Her sister is in 1st year college and brother is studying 10th grade. Her father is a truck driver and has to make multiple / long trips  to support the family of six as a sole breadwinner. There will be days / weeks where he may not get a trip.

Mallika studied in Government (public) school until 10th and as she good good score in her 10th grade (486/500), she was motivated by her teachers to join private school for 11th and 12th. She scored 1172/1200 in 12th exams. With the help of a literate well wisher from the close by village, she got admission into Thanjavur Medical College. Her father managed to get loans for her first year of college fees.

Mallika was aware of her family’s financial situation, so struggled to study by herself without tutoring. Until 12th, her medium of instruction was Tamil and in college it’s in English.Though it was a challenge she’s picking up pretty quickly.She plays chess at college which she calls it her hobby.

Mallika will the first doctor in her town and she feels elated when we called her a doctor. She wants to pursue her PG in Obstetrics & Gynecology and work in the district where her family resides. She’s motivated to give back to the community once she settles in her job.

Mallika sounded very responsible and motivated. When asked what was her strong point , she said she has good grasping power and a willingness to learn. She is showing great commitment to her hard earned college admission which is commendable !

Dharma Vijaykumar

Compressed Dharma poster.jpg

Dharma Vijaykumar

Medical Student - Stanley Medical College, Chennai, India

Partner Org -

Dharma was born in the Negamam town near Pollachi. His family then moved to Tirupur. His dad Vijayakumar and Mom Chithra both are temporary daily laborers in a clothing company in Tirupur. Dharma’s younger brother is in grade 12 in the same town. The family do not own but rent a single room roof-tiled home in Tirupur. His aging father is not doing well healthwise.

Dharma is now (in 2018) studying 2nd year Medical (called MBBS in India) at the Stanley Government Medical College in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Dharma was studying in the Government (public) school – Tamil medium -  until 10th grade after which he was encouraged by his teachers (in particular Ms Saraswathi) to join private for high school so he may be more successful. He got a scholarship for the high school. He also got his motivation from his seniors who get extra private coaching as they do well in school. He used to be a topper in his class always. Dharma scored a whooping 1181/1200 (see attached mark sheet) in the 12th grade exam. The medium of instruction was in the language Tamil until 12th grade for Dharma. Now in Med school his instruction language is English which was never an issue for him in comparison to the financial support he needs at this time. He still struggles to converse in English but feels confident to write / read. He’s only one from his school to have bagged the seat in the Med school from a Tamil medium section

His hobbies are drawing, playing carrom board with friends. Dharma and his friends pitched in money to buy a carrom board set (costs $10 approx) and started playing for fun. But they built the skillset that he started to compete in tournaments at district / state level. Dharma is now playing carrom board representing his college in tournaments. Dharma wants to specialize in General Medicine or Surgery after his UG.

When we explained how our high schoolers raise money, he was very impressed and gives his sincere appreciation. True to the meaning of his name (Dharma means – one who has mercy for the downtrodden) he said he will make sure all our efforts will be paid off ! He sounded very confident and was able to converse well with us – in Tamil . He’s determined to give back to the society once he starts his medical practices.

Pavithra Govindavel

Pavithra India[1556].jpg

Pavithra Govindavel

Computer Science - Sri Krishnaswamy College

Partner Org - Tamilnadu Foundation

With Pavithra's father being a cab driver and her mother being a home keeper, they could not afford her education. Now with the help of shooting stars, Pavithra will be the first to graduate in her family. 

Jia Jianfeng


Jia Jianfeng

Computer major - Beijing Baway University

Partner Org - Olive Children Foundation


A touching letter from Jia...

My name is Jia Jianfeng. I have enrolled Beijing Baway University in April, 2017, after taking National College Entrance Examination of China

(NCEEC). I come from a poverty-driven distract, where is Zhaishang Village, Shuiyuguan town, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province.

My family is composed of 6 persons, who aremy aged grandfather, father, mother, two little sisters and me. Both of myparents are uneducated. We live in a mountain. My parents are working in the field and they feed hens to make a living.We use the rain water to drink, feed and wash the hens. Our income cannot sustain my family life. Especially, my mother - who suffers from  chronic diseases.

Therefore, my father has to sustain my whole family and we have a hard life .

My father hopes his children can receive fine education and change ourfamily’s destiny. He has been fighting for better life constantly. He overcame all of the difficulties and has been able to support us through school. I can feel my family’s great love and high expectation. So I studied very hard. Finally, I have received the enrollment letter from the university in April, 2017. Myfamily’s dream has come true.

However, the tuition fee of the university is mounting to astronomicalfigures. It is far beyond my family’s total income. We are excited about the examination scores, but so desperate to pay the fees. My family appeals to the

people around to support my studies. So currently my family is in heavy debt.I really want to continue my studies and hope to alleviate great burden for

us as much as possible, therefore I am applying sponsorship from Shootingstar.

The life in College is a new start point for me. I will cherish this precious

opportunity and try my best to enhance myself, not only in academics but also in contribution to the society. I have gained "Excellent leader" award in Academic group in college. I also visit a nursing home nearby several times to take care of the old and help them with some cleaning.  


Obeidullah Malikshah

Obaidullah #26 April 2017 Photo[1555].jpg

Obeidullah  Malikshah

Law Student - Afghanistan

Partner Org - 

Obaidullah - an outstanding law student in Afghanistan - says he is doing very well in his studies amongst the constant fear of dangerous explosions happening everyday killing innocent people. He is determined to focus on his studies alongside the constant fight to survive. There are no solutions to their problems. They have no recreation means. He exercises daily to calm his mind and to focus on studies. He has been in the sponsorship program with our partner - TIE since its inception back in 2009. He is a very serious and academically inclined young man. Many of his letters to his prior sponsors were written in English rather than Dari which is not typical. Obaidullah is a terrific, thoughtful and sensitive young man. He is one of our partner program's more outstanding students. 

Sudharshan (India)

Sudharshan India.jpg

 Sudharshan Gampa

Engineering Major - Andhra University

Partner Org - Spandana Foundation

Sudarshan Gampa is a freshman from a village in India He lost his father at a young age and is being cared by his grand father. Recenly his grand father suffered a brain stroke and is unable to work and pay for Sudarshan's fee as well as family and medical expenses. Inspite of going through these difficult times, his grand father took a loan to pay for Sudarshan's first year engineering fee and is worried that he might not be able to support his grand kid anymore. Sudrashan dreams to become an engineer and take care of his grand father and support the family. He truly hopes that one day he will be fortunate enough to help a student or two when he starts earning.

Kantiya (Thailand)

Kantiya Thailand.jpg


Kantiya (Kan) Jongsong

Science Major - Chiang Rai Rajabhat University

Partner Org - International Humaity Foundation

Kan is a lovely young lady who is very genuine and kind. She is currently for her Bachelor's degree. She does not have a father and her mother works in the corn fields. She grew up in an orphanage managed by International Humanity Foundation. Kan's dream is that she will be able to return to her village and help the poor. She wants to be an example to the children of how education can change your life, as well as your community.

Annitah Zablon (Kenya)

Annitah Kenya.jpg

Public Relations- Mt Kenya University - Kenya

Partner Org : Tenderfeet Education

Annitah Zablon,  is a young ambitious lady who is passionate about the Public Relations Sector in Kenya and the world at large. Having grown up in one of the largest slums of the world - Kibera - she wrote to Shooting Stars in hopes of  getting a scholarship to be able to attend  Mt. Kenya University. She aims to target market and media sources to change mindsets in her community, ensuring each individual gets a chance to communicate their ideas and gain necessary support for their projects.


RamJagan Ganesh (India)

Ramjagan India.jpg

Mechanical Engineering- Gayathri Vidya College of Engineering - India

Partner Org : Spandana Foundation

Ram Jagan Ganesh attends an Engineering college in India. Coming from a village in India called Vizag, Andhrapradesh, his family had to work incredibly hard to support him and his little brother. Before Shooting Star’s scholarship, Ram would not have been able to continue attending college as he lacked sufficient funds. A hard-working student, Ram travels for 4 hours each day between his home and college and is determined to make his dream come true. He dreams of one day being able  to help those in poverty in his town  and provide them the resources that he obtained so they can also succeed.

Roya (Afghanistan)

Roya Afghanistan.jpg

Pre Medicine - Farabi Institute - Afghanistan

Partner Org : Trust in Education

When first in contact with Shooting Stars, Roya was a struggling 12th grader who was seeking support for her education. Though receiving monetary assistance from other NGOs, Roya still struggled as much of her allotted funds were used towards her difficulties in health. Nevertheless, with the help of Shooting Stars, she has been accepted into college. She is on track to graduate with a degree in pre-med and become a heart surgeon. Eventually, she hopes to support her family and those in her community.


Nancy Nduku Muli (Kenya)

Pharmaceutical Studies- Kenya Medical Training College - Kenya

Partner Org : Kenya Keys

Nancy, currently a student at Kenya Medical Training College studying for a degree in Pharmaceutical Studies, she comes from a poor family of 4 children. Her younger brother has a clinical illness, forcing her parents to take monthly loans to afford his treatment. The strain on finances have caused delays in payment for school fees and hampered the track for graduation. With the granted scholarship, Nancy is now set to graduate from college on time with all credentials necessary to enter the pharmaceutical field.



  Accounting   Reynosa Technical Institute

Maria Elva - Peru

Partner Org - Sacred Valley Project

Maria Elva is a young girl who comes from a poor family Peru. She helps her family of six produce potatoes, beans, peas, onions, carrots and other vegetables on a daily basis. Her family was unable to fund her education, but with the help of the Shooting Stars Foundation, Maria is able to conform to the society in Peru and pursue an education that wasn't available to her before. She yearns to support her family and community in the near future

Mamtha (India)

Mamtha India.jpg

Medical Doctor- Dharmapuri Medical College - India

Partner Org : Mugavari Foundation

Mamtha S. a student at Dharmapuri Medical College,  comes from a very poor family where her mother is the sole income of the family. Her father passed when she was very young. Together, her family lives in a mud hut with a daily income of mess than 2$ a day ! Nevertheless, Mamtha is an amazing student who graduated at the top of her class. With the help of Shooting Stars, she is set to graduate and pursue her dream of research for HIV cure


Wang Xi (China)

Accounting Computerization- Shanxi Institute of Energy - China

Partner Org : Olive Children Foundation

Wang Xi is from a poverty stricken area in China called Xinzhou, Shanxi Province. Her family is poor, which forced her to work overtime, and simultaneously take care of her younger brother. Wang’s mom has a disease as well; that causes her to fall unconscious at abrupt moments. Throughout all this, Wang studied for the National exam in China that determines college acceptance, and she got in. With the help of Shooting Stars, she now has enough financial backing to complete a degree in accounting and further support her family.