Jia Jianfeng


Jia Jianfeng

Computer major - Beijing Baway University

Partner Org - Olive Children Foundation


A touching letter from Jia...

My name is Jia Jianfeng. I have enrolled Beijing Baway University in April, 2017, after taking National College Entrance Examination of China

(NCEEC). I come from a poverty-driven distract, where is Zhaishang Village, Shuiyuguan town, Xinzhou City, Shanxi Province.

My family is composed of 6 persons, who aremy aged grandfather, father, mother, two little sisters and me. Both of myparents are uneducated. We live in a mountain. My parents are working in the field and they feed hens to make a living.We use the rain water to drink, feed and wash the hens. Our income cannot sustain my family life. Especially, my mother - who suffers from  chronic diseases.

Therefore, my father has to sustain my whole family and we have a hard life .

My father hopes his children can receive fine education and change ourfamily’s destiny. He has been fighting for better life constantly. He overcame all of the difficulties and has been able to support us through school. I can feel my family’s great love and high expectation. So I studied very hard. Finally, I have received the enrollment letter from the university in April, 2017. Myfamily’s dream has come true.

However, the tuition fee of the university is mounting to astronomicalfigures. It is far beyond my family’s total income. We are excited about the examination scores, but so desperate to pay the fees. My family appeals to the

people around to support my studies. So currently my family is in heavy debt.I really want to continue my studies and hope to alleviate great burden for

us as much as possible, therefore I am applying sponsorship from Shootingstar.

The life in College is a new start point for me. I will cherish this precious

opportunity and try my best to enhance myself, not only in academics but also in contribution to the society. I have gained "Excellent leader" award in Academic group in college. I also visit a nursing home nearby several times to take care of the old and help them with some cleaning.