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Vedic Math  Program Description

Have you heard of Vedic Math? What if your child could master this ancient art. Wouldn’t it be great if your child had fun doing math. Vedic maths or mental math saves your child  time AND increases SAT / ACT scores as well as your child’s confidence in the competitive world. Picture your child, in front their classmates, doing multiplication so fast, they think they are a human calculator  For an exam or homework, your child can check their work quickly and confidently, knowing that they are on the right path.

Have you seen the movie Ghajini or Memento or 50 first dates? The central theme is that actors lose their short term memory or working memory and can't make any long term memory. Reverse this statement. If your child can increase their working memory, they will have much easier time committing things to long term memory.

What to expect

  • 1 hour classes

  • 10 min everyday homework for vedic math

  • 1 hour home work weekly for memory techniques

Course will be taught by Dr. Ninad Pimparkar is a self taught Vedic Mathematician with a PhD in Nanotechnology and has been teaching vedic maths and memory techniques for years.